The Silver Tree Name

Often, when we hear the word silver, many of us vision a shiny piece of jewelry, an older person with silver-gray hair, or maybe even a twenty fifth anniversary. Through research on the meaning of the word silver, this is what I found. Silver is a symbol for strength. Even after silver is subjected to heat and weathering, it remains resilient and still has the ability to be molded into a better form while maintaining its core integrity.

The message is that we as humans are strong enough to be flexible, molded into something else, and at the same time maintain our core integrity.

The tree symbolizes love, hidden wisdom, protection, healing, balance, and strength. Trees symbolize so many positive things that remind me of our seniors and the many ways caregivers assist our seniors to live a better life.

Often, individuals are in a weakened state when they first request the need for our services. Some feel like giving up, others have a will that won’t allow anything to hold them back from living a quality life again. Over time with the help of some gentle encouragement and assistance, exercise, a healthy meal plan, and bonding with a compassionate caregiver, we see people spring back and begin to regain their strength. Many will go on to live their best life possible, the way they were meant to live.

So, the two words, Silver Tree, hold the meaning of the hope and possibilities that exist for our clients and the comfort and aide of a caregiver remaining by their side and helping them along the way. Ultimately our clients begin to live life their way, independently in the comfort of their own home.

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