Dementia Helped with Therapy Dogs


Therapy Dogs for Dementia Patients

Therapy Dogs for the Elderly

Dogs and pets of all kinds have become increasingly common in the treatment of individuals with dementia related disorders.

“Animals are such agreeable friends – they ask no questions, they pass no criticisms.”

-George Eliot

The kind of obstacles faced by those with dementia include apathy, irritability, restlessness, depression, and difficulty engaging in social activities.  These obstacles often bring on the risk of loneliness and isolation. Patients will avoid social situations if they experience anxiety.

Individuals with dementia can lose their motivation to maintain physical activity.  Daily activities such as personal hygiene will often be neglected. In addition, something as simple as eating a meal can be a difficult task. If you are experiencing any of these situations in caring for a loved one with dementia, it may be worth considering investing in a furry friend.

Why animals? 

Animals are non-judgmental, making pets the perfect companions for individuals with dementia. Pets can provide a good source of social support and unconditional love.

Research shows that dementia patients recognize a pet as friendly and non-threatening.  Studies show because seniors have a pet in the home, they display more interactive behaviors with everyone.

Dogs have proven to reduce agitation and increase calmness just by their presence.  Most important, patients become more active as a result of interacting with the animal.  Depending on the mobility of the patient, they may be able to engage in playful activities with the dog.  For example, take the dog on a short walk, play fetch, or make an effort to groom the animal.

Furthermore, studies have shown that dementia patients will, more than likely, eat more and have lower blood pressure following the visit of a therapy animal. Many individuals with Alzheimer’s Disease will respond to the presence of a gentle therapy animal.  Noteworthy, animals also provide a natural and easy conversation topic for dementia patients since they feel stress in social situations.

As a result, more seniors have pets and the reasons why make sense.  An article from U.S News that outlines the benefits of the elderly having a pet.

Why Silver Tree Home Care?

Silver Tree Home Care has made it our business to, not only care for the elderly on a daily basis, but to also study all aspects to improve the care for our clients. First of all, we only will hire loving, compassionate caregivers. Secondly, we pride ourselves on matching our client’s and caregiver’s personalities to ensure a smooth partnership with our clients.

Silver Tree Home Care caregivers understand the importance of dual companionship between pet and owner. Caregivers who maintain a positive relationship with the pet will also increase their relationship with the client. It is our responsibility as a Home Care based agency to always ensure the comfort of our clients. As we always say to our client’s, “Live Life Your Way“.