Resolve to be Better


Be Grateful

Instead of making resolutions we will never keep, why not just resolve to be better than you were last week, last year or even yesterday. Every year we make New Year’s resolutions that we are never going to stick with.

My women’s group has a plan. Not to make New Year’s resolutions but to come up with one word that we want to live by in 2016. We want to resolve to be better.

My word this year is “grateful“. I want to see the positives in all situations rather than resolving to be negative. Why is it it that most Americans are so quick to see the negative in any situation? Yesterday, I was complaining about my back hurting. My first thought went to, “we need a new mattress”. After some mumbling and self-pity, I remembered my word, “Grateful”, my resolve to be better.  Instead of continuing to complain, my thoughts went to other countries. Most children and families sleep on mats, blankets or dirt floors. So, I squashed the negativity and instead I was “grateful” to even have a bed.

My good friend’s word is “know” with a double word of “no”. She has a big problem with the word, “no”. As she never “knows” when to say “no”. Not being able to say no will put a lot of extra stress on you and your home/family. Knowing her limitations is the first step in being able to say, no.

My 10 year old son’s word is “Adventure”. He wants to try things he’s never done this year. His biggest thing is that he wants to bungee jump. Ummm….that may an unobtainable goal but there are certainly other “adventures” that momma will approve.

What is your word? What do you want to strive for in order to be a better you? Find a word that speaks to you and makes you feel satisfied. When you come up with a word, display it somewhere either in your home, work or car. Let it be a reminder so you will not forget your resolve to be better.