Senior Care Professionals

Our home care agency often works alongside senior care professionals in nursing home facilities, hospitals, home healthcare agencies, Assisted Living facilites, Hospice, Geriatric Care Managers, Elder Law Attorneys, Physicians, and Senior Advocates and Advisors.

Nursing Facilities with rehab

Having a caregiver by someone’s side when they are discharged will help ensure they make a safe and smooth transition back home. Caregivers can see that the client follows their medication regimen, therapy, are eating nutritious meals, receive assistance with mobility, and ensure the home environment is safe, reducing the risk of falls.


Silver Tree Home Care works with senior care professionals in hospitals and medical centers that provide patient care ranging from general services to highly specialized care. Caregivers can provide “sitter” services for patients that may be at risk and become confused easily, wander, or could possibly fall. Caregivers can also be there as a companion to provide comfort for the patient and offer the family respite if needed. When the patient is discharged, caregivers can help transition the patient from the hospital safely back to their home again. Often at this time, Silver Tree also partners with Home Health agencies that doctors have requested to follow the patient and provide skilled care in the home. Caregivers come alongside the Home Health team of nurses, occupational therapists, and physical therapists to provide necessary non-medical services. Some of these services can include medication reminders, light housekeeping, meal preparation, and personal care. These services further help to ensure a successful rapid recovery. Silver Tree also works with various departments within hospitals. In order to provide a continuum of care, additional departments within the hospital refer our services. Some of these departments include those providing palliative care, outpatient programs, and specialty clinics.

Home Health Agencies

Silver Tree Home Care often works alongside Home Health Agencies, providing the non-medical care services needed. These services can include both emotional and physical support. This provides a comprehensive care plan for the patient, resulting in better outcomes for a successful recovery. Even after Home Health Care is no longer needed, caregivers can remain in the home continuing to ensure a safe and healthy environment.

Hospice Care

Hospice Care requires a special caregiver. It is different from other types of care. Hospice is a philosophy of care that requires a special sensitivity from a caregiver that understands how to provide care among both the patient and family members. At Silver Tree we work alongside Hospice making sure the hospice procedures are carefully followed. We utilize a holistic team approach to improve quality of life and provide emotional care. Our services can provide respite relief for stressed and exhausted family members. Caregivers can help with housekeeping, transportation, and be a much needed compassionate companion during this time.


Silver Tree works with all physicians. Caregivers can ensure the client is following doctor’s orders for prescribed medicine, nutritious meals, and exercise. Caregivers can aid the client in establishing a wellness routine consisting of walking with the client each day, preparing meals, assisting with personal care, helping with housekeeping chores, and providing transportation for doctor appointments. This will help the client recover and regain independence more quickly.

Assisted Living Facilities and Independent Living Facilities

Services may go beyond the scope of what the facility can offer. For this reason, there are times when additional services are needed for the residents. Our services not only enhance the lives for those in need but offer some additional assistance and companionship as well. Silver Tree Home Care’s goal is to always remain flexible in working with all facilities and make sure we can fill in the gaps and offer our services where ever they may be needed. In addition, if someone is on a waiting list to get into an Assisted Living or Independent Living Facility, we can remain by their side to ensure they have a safe and smooth transition. Since Silver Tree maintains these high standards of always being available for our clients and ensuring quality care, we have developed a reputation of being a premier home care company in the Louisville and Oldham County areas.

Geriatric Care Managers

Geriatric Care Managers (GCM’s) can assess, identify, and provide solutions to problems relating to seniors. These professionals may have diverse backgrounds that relate to geriatric care management services. GCM managers may be nurses, social workers, worked in the field of psychology, or may hold advanced degrees in gerontology, counseling, or another field of human service specialization. Silver Tree Home Care works with reputable, experienced, and knowledgeable GCMs in the Louisville and Oldham County areas and our home care services are recommended by them.

Senior Advocates and Advisors

Silver Tree Home Care understands that planning for later in life is important. This can include the management of care for your loved one and advice on how to handle financial matters as well. There are expert advisors that specialize in each of these matters. We work with the professional advisors that families have come to know and trust as advocates for seniors in their community. Elder Law Attorneys – These professionals provide legal services for the elderly, especially in the areas of Estate Planning and Medicaid Planning. Elder law covers estate planning, wills, trusts, arrangements for care, social security and retirement benefits. Silver Tree is suggested often as an option for care, especially care that may be overseen by a guardian. This ensures one more layer of protection for the family against possible fraud, abuse, or neglect. Financial Advisors – expert advisors in this area include CPAs, Long Term Care Insurance and Life Insurance Agents, Tax Accountants, Trust Officers, and Financial Planners. It is becoming more commonplace for these advisors to understand the need for home care and many refer to Silver Tree Home Care for quality services.

Long Term Care Insurance, Worker’s Compensation Insurance, and Employee Assistance Programs

Silver Tree is recognized as a preferred provider in these industries and partners with these programs in the Louisville and Oldham County areas. With our growing reputation as a premier home care provider, Silver Tree Home Care continues to receive invitations to join and partner with provider networks.

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