Our Commitment to Our Professionals

Our 2/24 promise to our Partners

When you refer to Silver Tree Home Care we promise to contact the client within 2 hours of your referral (unless requested otherwise) and we will follow-up with you within 24 hours to let you know how we are taking care of the client.

Providing Peace of Mind for our Families

We assure you our caregiver(s) passed comprehensive background checks that involve employment reviews, reference checks, skill assessments, character assessments, drug testing, and more. We understand the stress families face and we strive to promote confidence by ensuring all caregivers are thoroughly screened, as well as carefully matched to each client we serve. In addition, all caregivers must have a high level of integrity, be caring and compassionate, reliable, and most important have a passion for making a positive difference in their client’s lives.

Preserving Dignity

We understand the sensitive nature of home care assistance. Regardless of whatever physical or health challenges one must face, we know dignity is imperative to enhancing one’s quality of life. All individuals we care for should be treated as worthy human beings that matter and are respected. We strive to ensure our clients feel comfortable, confident, and valued.

Prolonging Independence:
The foundation of Independence is to feel clients have some autonomy and control in their life. This results in greater self-esteem and a higher quality life for all. It is always Silver Tree’s goal to ensure our clients feel this way. We are there by our client’s side to assist with whatever their needs may be. We will reinforce the care and love our clients receive from family and friends and help our clients maintain their independence.

Exceptional Service

At Silver Tree Home Care we strive to exceed our client’s expectations. Our primary goal is to provide continuity of care for all clients. We promise to keep our clients notified of any scheduling changes and contact them if a caregiver may be delayed for any reason.
We also commit to keeping communication open and will respond quickly to our client’s changing needs. While safeguarding privacy, we will communicate between our clients, caregivers, client families, and health care professionals. This will ensure all involved remain informed of changes in the client’s situation, thereby allowing us to provide clients with the exceptional service you deserve.

Cost-effective Rates

Affordable home care means those that need additional assistance can have the option to remain living in their own home instead of being forced to go into a facility. It can also help those already receiving home care to extend the time they remain living in their own home. We understand some families can only afford home care for their loved ones for a limited number of hours per week. Others may be forced to forgo home care altogether due to living on a fixed income. Silver Tree believes everyone should have the choice to remain living in their own home as long as possible.
Our goal is to ensure our clients are provided the most cost-effective solution while receiving above standard quality care. We do this by keeping our overhead costs low, thereby enabling us to offer more competitive rates to our clients and recruit high quality caregivers by offering them higher pay. Our customized care plan will provide maximum value for every hour our clients receive care.
We also help families explore payment options and free or low-cost community support programs. Silver Tree works with numerous long term care insurance companies and provides information on Veteran’s benefits as well.

For more information on our commitment to our partners, please call us at 502-240-6464.