Companion Care and Homemaking Services


Companionship is an integral part of the service we provide. Having a companion caregiver around the house to share a laugh with and engage in simple mental and physical activities can make all the difference in the life of an elderly person. Companion care is especially needed if seniors are lonely or depressed, and particularly important if a client’s partner has left the other one first. Caregivers can assist the client in preparing healthy meals, getting out and enjoying more social activities like attending church, going to the store, or discussing life’s memories.

Meal Preparation and Special Diets.

A warm, nutritious meal cooked by a caregiver combined with friendly conversation can really brighten a senior’s day. Mealtimes can be an important social time and some seniors may need some additional assistance eating during meals as well. Statistics show that many seniors living at home are undernourished. Proper nutrition and maintaining special diets are necessary for seniors to enjoy living a healthy lifestyle. This service helps ensure the client is eating hot, nutritious meals and maintaining a well-balanced diet. Properly eating can control diabetes, improve the immune system, increase energy levels, and increase mental acuteness.

Light Housekeeping

Silver Tree takes the stress and worry out of having an unorganized cluttered living space. We allow clients to continue living comfortably in the home they’ve had for years by offering these services. Some of these homemaking services include vacuuming, dusting, mopping, sweeping floors. Kitchen countertops, stovetops, appliances, and sinks are cleaned, as well as trash taken out. Bathrooms are thoroughly cleaned (this includes the tub, sink, toilet, and floor). With the client’s permission, drawers and closets can be organized.


This service includes washing, drying, folding, and ironing in the client’s home or in a Laundromat. Silver Tree encourages clients to assist to ensure the service is performed to their satisfaction.

Medication Reminders

Caregivers can ensure medications are taken on time and safely. This can make all the difference in a senior remaining independent in their home.

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