Live-In Care

Live-In care provides seniors with care 24 hours a day. Consistency of care for the long term is crucial so caregivers are carefully matched with clients. The live-in caregivers stays with the client morning, noon, and night.  Typically caregivers rotate days throughout the week to help ensure continuity.  Sometimes to ensure backup, additional caregivers may provide care as well.

Professional Caregivers

Silver Tree Home Care live-in caregivers are only allowed on the client’s premises during their scheduled days and nights. The client must provide food for the caregiver.  If the caregiver is on a special diet, they may bring some of their own food while working with the client.

Care in Facilities

Caregivers can provide 24 hour care for safety monitoring and companionship in nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and during hospital stays.

Peace of Mind

You have peace of mind knowing reliable, qualified caregivers are caring for your loved one when you can’t be there. You can also enjoy well deserved quality time free from stress with your loved one.