Personal Care Services

Maintaining respect and dignity.

Seniors desire to maintain their dignity and as much of their independence as possible as they continue to age. If family members are the caregivers and providing personal care services, often there is an awkwardness the senior may feel as those famly members assist with personal tasks. This can easily make the family members uncomfortable as well. Seniors can more easily maintain their respect and dignity when they have someone outside the family help with personal care. This also helps to maintain strong and healthy family relationships.

Personal care services that we offer:

  • Help with eating                                                                              Personal care services provided by caregiver
  • Dressing
  • Bathing and showering
  • Incontinence
  • Cognitive impairment
  • Mobility
  • Help with transferring
  • Medication reminders

Bathing, Hygiene, and Grooming Assistance

Silver Tree understands clients want to look and feel their best. Good hygiene not only cleanses the skin but helps the client feel refreshed and re-energized. As we age our immune system weakens and we become more susceptible to illnesses and infections. By not bathing regularly, we are helping the germs do their work. Clients tend to feel better both mentally and physically after receiving these services.

Incontinence Care

Our caregivers are trained on providing care for elderly and disabled loved ones who experience incontinence. Keeping the skin clean and dry is important to good health.

Cognitive Impairment

Memory impairment and/or dementia can cause memory loss that disrupts daily life for seniors. Forgetfulness can result in confusion about what time it is, where someone is, poor judgment, withdrawing from social activities, and just difficulty performing daily tasks. Caregivers can assist seniors with activties of daily living to help them maintain independence and continue to live in their home while providing the family with peace of mind.

Transferring and Positioning

Performing these techniques properly is important. They promote better health and safety for the client. The proper transferring and positioning of a client from a chair to a bed for example will eliminate possible pressure on areas of the skin and stiff muscles. The proper positioning of a client in a chair can affect digestion and swallowing.

Mobility and  Assistance

As needed, clients receiving personal care services can help them maintain their independence by staying as active as possible. Simple exercises like walking can strengthen the heart and cardiovascular system. Other benefits of regular physical activity include improving balance, increasing energy, improving mental acuity, warding off depression, and reducing stress.

Medication Reminders

Remembering to take medication can be  difficult for seniors. Often a pill organizer isn’t sufficient in managing the many medications that must be taken at different times of the day, some with and some without food.