Twelve Ways to show Caregiver Appreciation

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November is National Family Caregiver Month. Caregiver appreciation is much needed for family caregivers who provide emotional support, help with activities of daily living, and other services when needed. The care provided by caregivers can last for a short time or years.

According to the Caregiver Action Network, eighty percent of long-term care for a loved one is provided by either family or friends. Since caregivers are America’s primary long-term care providers, their work deserves to be recognized, celebrated, and simply thanked.

Silver Tree Home Care decided to honor our caregivers this month as well with gift bags (shown in pic) that contained treats and gift cards for all our caregivers. The bags were well deserved and much appreciated by our caregivers. We hope our caregivers will always understand how much we appreciate the compassion, dedication, and grace with which they use in caring for our clients.

Here are twelve ways to help appreciate family caregivers this month:

1. Send flowers and a thank you note showing appreciation of the work the caregiver performs.

2. Offer respite care. This will give the caregiver relief of her/his duty of caring for a loved one, allowing them some personal time to relax.

3. Offer the caregiver tickets to a show. This can be the movies, a broadway show, or a comedy club.

4. Pay for dinner at their favorite restaurant.

5. Help them plan a trip to go out of town for a few days.

6. Purchase tickets for them to a sporting event.

7. Give them a gift bag full of products that offer stress relief. This can include a massager, body lotions, scrubs, etc.

8. Buy them gift cards so they can go shopping at their favorite stores.

9. Treat them to a spa day.

10. Help them organize a calendar for next year or offer to run errands for them.

11. Help the caregiver(s) find new educational materials that will offer them more support. This can include websites, books, or calling local social service agencies.

12. If they have children, arrange for a babysitter for a day.