Valentine’s Day



Valentine’s Day for some is not about chocolates, hearts and flowers. Notice I left out love. Just because the person you love has passed on, does not mean you no longer have love in your hearts. Valentine’s day for some can be a painstaking reminder that the one you love is no longer with you.

My pappaw has been without my mammaw for two years now. He grieves for her every day. What could I do to bring back some fond memories of their time together? Pappaw and mammaw loved to eat! When I say they loved to eat, I’m talking about good ole country food. Food that sticks to your ribs. They also loved to travel together. They’ve been all over the world. This Valentine’s Day, I will cook him some fried chicken, green beans, mashed potatoes with gravy and some biscuits, along with dessert, of course, ┬átake it over to him and look at old photographs of the two of them. All the while, he’ll be reliving his time with my mammaw. I guarantee, his Valentine’s Day will be one of happiness, not lonliness.

My best friend’s husband passed away 2 years ago. He was a great man who touched the lives of many. He was our pastor and our friend. Their youngest daughter was married in December. Her and her husband decided they wanted to surprise my friend with a gift for Valentine’s Day. They bought her a tshirt that said, “Late night with David Letterman“. Now this may seem like an odd gift to you but to my friend, this meant the world! You see, when her and her husband were dating, she worked at a Jazz club and he was in college, so he frequented the club. When she would get off work, they would go back to her apartment and watch David Letterman together. She literally cried when she saw that tshirt…happy tears.

Dinner, diamonds, chocolates; those are great however, the gift of personalization will hold so much more weight this Valentine’s Day. Reach out to those who have lost someone. Share the love in your heart this Valentine’s Day.