1. What is live-in care?

Live-In Care – this involves a caregiver living with the client 24/7. This is a safe alternative to moving into a nursing home. When live-in care is provided, seniors are able to enjoy the freedom of living in the comfort of their own home and receiving any non-medical assistance needed in performing their activities of daily living. At the same time their family members enjoy the peace of mind knowing they are safe.

2. What does respite care mean?

Respite care is simply a break for family members and caregivers that are caring for a loved one. Professional caregivers provide an opportunity for those caring for a loved one to have time for relaxation, peace of mind, and re-energize.

3. What is the difference between home care and home health care?

Often these two terms are confused. These are the two basic types of care in the home. Non-medical home care is often referred to as in-home care or simply home care. Non-medical home care provides caregivers that are typically companions, home health aides, or Certified Nursing Assistants. They assist clients with activities of daily living in the home or wherever they may call home. Home health care is a skilled level of care that is doctor prescribed and used on a part-time or intermittent basis. Basically, non-medical home care is provided by persons who are not nurses, doctors, or other licensed medical personnel, as compared to home health care that is provided by medically licensed personnel.

4. Is your agency licensed?

Yes. Silver Tree Home Care operates under the requirements of Kentucky law and is licensed based on state regulations.

5. How much do your services cost?

We recognize our families need an affordable home care option. Therefore, we strive to offer affordable home care while maintaining exceptional standards and quality care. Our live-in rates are generally half that of our competitors and our hourly rates average $1.50 less per hour than most. Our prices are competitive with nursing homes, thereby allowing our clients to remain in the comfort of their own home with their own personal caregiver.

6. Is Medicare or Medicaid available for home care services?

Currently, Medicare and Medicaid do not cover non-medical in-home care services. There is an exception to this if a patient has a doctor’s written order for Home health care (skilled nursing). Medicare does limit the number of hours of service, the length of time service can be provided, and the duties that can be performed. For this reason, oftentimes home care comes along side home health services to fill in the additional service needs.

7. Will insurance pay for my home care service?

Silver Tree Home Care accepts many types of long term care insurance and workman’s compensation policies. There are also other resources we refer our clients to such as Veteran’s Aid and Attendance benefits. We work with our client’s and families in researching their insurance benefits and helping them submit claims if their insurance does cover in-home care services.

8. Where are your services provided?

We provide service in the Louisville metro, Shelbyville, Oldham and surrounding county areas. In addition to providing services in homes we also provide our services at hospitals, rehabilitation facilities, nursing homes, and assisted living facilities.

9. How do you recruit and screen your caregivers?

We recruit our caregivers from many sources. Some include colleges, advertising, and referrals from other caregivers.  All caregivers are employee status, bonded, and insured. Caregivers must pass a thorough twelve- step screening process. Some of these steps include a criminal background check, drug testing, work and personal reference checks, and assessment testing. Additionally, caregivers must demonstrate a compassion for the elderly. Finally, caregivers regularly participate in-service training to keep their skills up-to-date.

10.  Are your caregivers your employees?

Yes. All our caregivers are our employees. If the caregiver is an independent contractor,  you are responsible to withhold and pay various payroll taxes (including unemployment compensation and social security) on behalf of the caregiver. If an agency provides one of its employees, the agency will handle those responsibilities since they will be the employer.  

11. Are your caregivers insured and bonded?

Yes. All our caregivers are bonded and covered with general liability insurance.

12. Will the same caregiver come each time?

We strive to ensure continuity in our caregivers and understand the importance of consistency in caregivers. Our goal is to establish a long-term relationship between the caregiver and the person receiving care. If many hours of care are needed, you may need more than one caregiver to rotate shifts. We assure you we will make every attempt to send the same caregiver.

13. How quickly can I get a caregiver?

After we complete your initial complimentary assessment, we can match you immediately with a caregiver based on your needs.

14. What if my caregiver doesn’t show up?

We have never left a client without service. If for any reason your caregiver is unavailable, we can provide you with another caregiver immediately. We have a team of professionals that are always on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We meet the caregiver on the first day of care as well to ensure your care plan is in place.

15. Do I have to sign a contract that might lock me into your services?

You do sign a service agreement. If you are not happy with our service, you can cancel with a 24 hour notice. You will not be bound to a contract. We understand your needs may change and so will the services you will need. For this reason we are flexible with your changing needs.

16. What if I need to talk to someone in your office after hours?

We are available to speak with you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, every day of the year. We always have on-call people ready to answer your call.

17. Are your services just for seniors?

No. We also provide services to individuals with disabilities, accident victims, and anyone recovering from surgery or an illness.

For more information, please call us at 502-240-6464.